ASC 2020 will be held at Leonia Holistic Destination resorts at Hyderabad, India.

Leonia Resorts

Leonia Holistic Destination is a unique destination spread in sprawling greenery and natural rock formations that portray a warm invitation to guests from across the world to dwell in the ambience of luxury, warm hospitality and richness of integrated services offered by its villas and hotels.
Website : Leonia Resorts


We recommend you to take a flight to Hyderabad. Our team will arrange free transfer to and from Hyderabad airport to Leonia Resorts. You can also explore (cheaper) options of taking international flights to Mumbai or Delhi, and take a subsequent domestic flight to Hyderabad.

Uber and Ola are app-based taxis which are extensively used in Hyderabad and very convenient for travelling in the city. There is also a Pre-paid Taxi service available at the Hyderabad Airport.

In case you require any other help or information regarding your travel plans, feel free to write to us.